Music has always been been an extension of my being. My day job keeps me busy, but whenever I'm free, I'll be indulging all things creative - music production, song-writing & guitars! I'm working on getting better, and will be sharing my thoughts here. Feel free to hit me up anytime :) 

Guitar Pedals 

Guitars & pedals & one of my biggest weakness - can't seem to get enough of them. These are a collection of my own gear. 

I'm also pleased to share with you our boutique pedals endeavours with Stompbox SG . Feel free to hit me up if you're keen on trying them out! 

Music Production 

I am not a professional, but "Addicted" is my debut self-produced single, and I hope to share with all enthusiasts my journey, and pick up some tips along the way! 

Syafiq from Grid Culture (Singapore) introduced Ableton to me through a series of lessons and since then, I've been using Ableton for all my recordings, mixes and masters! Besides a DJ wedding set in Melbourne using Ableton + Push - more on that next time - "Addicted" was my "real" project. 

Here's a snap-shot of my home-studio production gear! 

1. The Honeycomb 

I love guitar effects!!

These are my staples (from bottom): Meris Enzo, Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3, Walrus Audio Julia, Earthquaker Devices Afterneath, Hologram Electronics Dream Sequencer, Solidgold fx If 6 was 9, JHS Morning Glory, Univibe, TC-Electronic Flashback X4, TC-Helicon Voice Live 3, Boss ES-8 Switcher & Eventide Mixing Link (not in pic). 

2. Amplifiers 

Hughes & Kettner Tube Meister 36 has been my stage and recording "go-to" for the past decade! The "Crunch" and "Clean" through the Red Box are the main features for "Addicted". 

I've since acquired these beauties - The Amp (white) & The Amp 100 (black) by Milkman Sound.

I overlaid the "ambient-styled" chords with The Amp and the "neo-soul rhythm-styled" guitars with The Amp 100 for a stereo guitar feel on "Addicted". 

3. Guitars, Synths & Ableton Push 2

I used the Suhr Classic Pro for most of the recordings for "Addicted", with some overlays from my Gibson SG, the Organelle by Critter & Guitari for the LoFi Piano patches in the chorus (check out if you’re keen) & finger drummed the percussions using the Push 2 by Ableton!

PS: Check out my MV on YouTube for more on my production process!

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